The annual regular grant to the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of the country is allocated by the Ministry of Education, based on criteria, quality, and achievement indicators. It is divided into 2 sections, which concern Objective Criteria (80% of the funding) and Qualitative Criteria (20% of the funding). Each year, a relevant Official Journal is published which sets out how the criteria are to be calculated.

The most recent Government Gazette, which relates to the year 2022, is available here.

Α. Objective criteria

  • Κ1. Number of Departments of the HEI.
  • Κ2. Total number of registered students per HEI.
  • Κ3. Duration of study programmes (number of semesters of undergraduate study).
  • Κ4. Laboratory equipment requirements of the departments of the higher education institution.
  • Κ5. Geographical spread of the HEI.
  • Κ6. Permanent staff (members of the teaching, research, teaching, research and technical staff and administrative staff).
  • Κ7. Temporary support staff - Non-expenditure (security, cleaning, maintenance crews, etc.).
  • Κ8. Allocation of the Ordinary Budget of the previous financial year.

The objective criteria are data calculated by the Ministry and therefore HEIs are not able to submit data.

Β. Qualitative criteria

The qualitative criteria are divided into 5 sections as follows:

  • A) Continuous improvement of the core academic activities of the HEI.
  • B) Excellence in research and performance of scientific staff.
  • C) Linkage with society, the labor market and the exploitation of the knowledge generated.
  • D) Internationalization.
  • E) Quality of the university environment.

Every year, the HAHE sends out a letter in which it asks all HEIs to submit the Annual Performance Report, which has the purpose of presenting its annual performance. In this letter, the following is provided to the HEIs:

  • Model performance report
  • Instructions for completing the performance report
  • The relevant Ministerial Decision

as well as the deadline for the submission of the Foundation's report to the HAHE. The Q.A.U. has oversight and responsibility for the completeness and reliability of the data to be submitted. Of the five modules above, module (A) is mandatory for all HEIs, while of the remaining four modules, (B), (C), (D) and (E), HEIs are required to select two (2) modules. The total number of completed modules for each institution must be three (3).

After the completion of the data submission procedures and their verification by the HAHE, the Ministry of Education determines the amount of funding for HEIs based on the above criteria and the results are posted on the HAHE website.